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South Sudan Renews Commitment to Guinea Worm Eradication at World Health Assembly

Posted on: 2024-05-31. Maidodo Juma Maidodo - Communication Specialist (MoH/PMU)
South Sudan Renews Commitment to Guinea Worm Eradication at World Health Assembly

Juba, South Sudan - May 31, 2024 - The South Sudan Ministry of Health delegation led by Hon. Undersecretary Dr. Ader Macar Aciek, & the accompanying delegation, participated in a critical side meeting at the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting, co-organized by the Carter Center and the World Health Organization (WHO), focused on the ongoing Guinea Worm Eradication Programme (GWEP).

Renewing Partnerships for Eradication


Dr. Ader, along with his delegation, engaged with key stakeholders in the fight against Guinea worm disease. This included representatives from Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (UTCDT) led by Thoko Pooley and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


The discussions highlighted the importance of continued collaboration between South Sudan, WHO, and the Carter Center. Dr. Ader expressed the Ministry's deep appreciation for their unwavering support in achieving global eradication of Guinea worm disease, with a particular focus on eliminating the disease within South Sudan.


Commitment to Ending a Devastating Disease


Dr. Ader reaffirmed the National Ministry of Health's unwavering commitment to eradicating Guinea worm disease. He commended the dedication and tireless efforts of Mr. Makoy Yibi and his team within the Ministry who are playing a crucial role in achieving this goal.


South Sudan has made significant progress in recent years, with a drastic reduction in Guinea worm cases. However, continued vigilance and robust public health measures remain essential to completely eliminate the disease from the country.


The Ministry of Health remains committed to working alongside its partners to ensure a Guinea worm-free future for South Sudan.


Moving Forward


The GWEP side meeting at the World Health Assembly served as a powerful platform for South Sudan to renew its commitment to Guinea worm eradication. With unwavering support from global partners and the dedication of healthcare workers within the country, South Sudan is closer than ever to achieving this critical public health milestone.

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