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South Sudan Health Minister in Tanzania to participate in the Human capital summit.
Posted on: 2023-07-27
The National Minister of Health Hon. Yolanda Awel Deng is in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, to participate in the ongoing Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit. Hon. Awel is joining other heads of the state in Tanzania in her capacity as head of the Health Ministry in South Sudan.
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Annual Review Meeting for MOH and WHO
Posted on: 2023-07-18
The National Ministry of Health (MOH) held its annual review meeting on 18 July 2023 in Juba. The two-day meeting was launched by the Undersecretary of the MOH, Hon. Dr. Ader Macar Aciek, who highlighted the importance of the meeting and the role of WHO and other partners in the health sector.
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Posted on: 2023-05-17
South Sudan Nurse and Midwife association on 12th May, 2023, commemorated the international nurse and midwife day under the theme “Our Nurses, Our midwives, our future”
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Posted on: 2023-05-15
The National Ministry of Health has appealed to the country’s leadership to increase the budget of health ministry to enable the ministry to train nurses and provide quality health care to the people.
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Ministry of Health and Partners convened an emergency Coordination meeting to consolidate efforts to support and respond to health crisis from the influx of returnees fleeing Sudan conflict.
Posted on: 2023-05-03
The national ministry of Health in the capital Juba is alert of the influx of returnees fleeing Sudan following the ongoing internal conflicts among the country’s army forces and the dangers it poses to the already fragile health system pigeon-holed with severely underdeveloped, high prevalence of communicable diseases, inadequate infrastructure, and shortage of trained medical personnel.
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Extra $70 million World Bank health funding to benefit millions across the country
Posted on: 2023-04-28
Once a country ravaged by war and conflict, South Sudan has been slowly rebuilding itself in the past decade. However, the country’s healthcare system remains severely underdeveloped, with a high prevalence of ...
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Health Ministry participated in the 75th Walk the talk Health for all.
Posted on: 19/4/2023
Juba 8th April 2023, The national Ministry of Health on 8th April 2023 participated in the 75th Walk the talk Health for all in Juba.
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Minister of Health Meets Ministry leadership and Partners
Posted on: 2023-04-19
The Minister of Health Hon. Yolanda Awel Deng chaired an Interagency coordination committee meeting for immunization activities with MoH senior management, donors, UN agencies and MoH partners to expand the immunization programme across South Sudan
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COVID-19 vaccinators in Rumbek cross streams and swamps to vaccinate cattle keepers
Posted on: 2023-03-25
As part of the ongoing National COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, vaccinators in Rumbek are crossing streams and swamps to reach cattle keepers in the remote cattle camps in ...
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Health partners come together to boost essential health care service delivery
Posted on: 2023-03-08
In a move to enhance additional impact-oriented essential healthcare service delivery across the country, government and health practitioners have appealed to the implementing partners to increase efforts in ensuring ......
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