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Health Ministry appeal for budget increment

Posted on: 2023-05-15. Maidodo Juma Maidodo 15/5/2023 _ Juba
Health Ministry appeal for budget increment

The National Ministry of Health has appealed to the country’s leadership to increase the budget of health ministry to enable the ministry to train nurses and provide quality health care to the people.

Speaking on the occasion to commemorate the International day of nurses and midwifery, the undersecretary in the ministry of health Dr. Victoria Anib Majur said the budget the ministry of health is getting is not enough to enable the health ministry delivery quality health care services to the public.

“The government is already doing enough but I want to reiterate calls to the national government to increase the health budget to enable training of more nurses, midwives and deliver quality health services to the public”

The undersecretary further echoed concerns on the delays for the enactment of the South Sudan medical consul bill into law.

“ it’s important for the ministry of justice and parliament to enact the South Sudan medical consul regulations to enable the ministry of health to produce professional health care workers and deliver quality health care provisions”

On 12th May, 2023, the South Sudan nurse and midwife association commemorated the international nurse and midwife day.

International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 each year to honor the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role nurses play in the healthcare industry, highlighting their significance alongside doctors. The day emphasizes the importance of showing equal respect to nurses worldwide and encourages people to express their gratitude towards these brave and hardworking professionals.

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