January 18th Update.pdf

Overall COVID-19 cases status as of 18-01-2021

Total number of tests performed to date 82727
New cases confirmed in the last 24 hours 13
Cumulative number of cases confirmed to date 3762
Total cases currently under follow up/active cases 194
Number of cases that are severe in the IDU 2
Number of cases that are in critical condition in the IDU 0
Number of cases recovered 3505
Number of new death in the last 24 hours 1
Cumulative number of death 64

COVID-19 contacts status as of 18-01-2021

Number of contacts currently under follow up 232
Number of contacts under follow-up reach today 212
Number of contacts finished 14-day follow-up today 9114
Cumulative number of contacts followed 9968


The ministry of Health is conducting tracing of individuals who had contact with the COVID-19 cases. The government urges the public to strictly observe the rules of social distancing and other public health measures declared by the President of the Republic Of South Sudan and High Level Task-Force. Report any suspected case to nearest health facility or call toll free number: 6666. Continue to observe the instructions of Health Authorities particularly washing hands regularly with water and soap; maintaining physical distance from people (at least 2 meters (6 feet) distance between two individuals) and mandatory facemask or cloth face covering in public.