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South Sudan Ministry of Health Strengthens Partnerships with Global Fund and GAVI

Posted on: 2024-06-10. Maidodo Juma Maidodo - Communication Specialist (MoH/PMU)
South Sudan Ministry of Health Strengthens Partnerships with Global Fund and GAVI

Juba, Monday June 10th, 2024 - The Ministry of Health (MoH) in the Republic of South Sudan today hosted a meeting with a joint delegation from the Global Fund and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance. The meeting was chaired by the acting Minister of Health, Hon. Awut Deng Achuil, and focused on strengthening the partnership between the Ministry and these key global health organizations.

During the meeting, the Ministry provided updates on the progress of the Health Sector Transformation Project (HSTP), a comprehensive initiative to revitalize the country's healthcare system. The acting Minister, Hon. Awut Deng Achuil, expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support that the Global Fund and GAVI have provided to the people of South Sudan.


"The Global Fund has been a crucial donor partner of the Ministry of Health, particularly in our efforts to combat malaria and tuberculosis (TB) in the country," said Hon. Awut Deng Achuil. "Their significant financial contributions over the years have been instrumental in preserving the health and lives of thousands of South Sudanese."


The Global Fund is an international financing and partnership organization dedicated to accelerating the end of the AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria epidemics. For South Sudan, the Global Fund's support has been vital in strengthening the national response to these deadly diseases.


In addition to the Global Fund's partnership, the meeting also underscored the important role of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, in improving immunization coverage and access to life-saving vaccines including COVID19 vaccines in South Sudan. GAVI's investments have been crucial in safeguarding the health of children and communities across the country.


"The Ministry of Health is committed to working closely with the Global Fund, GAVI, and other key partners to drive progress in the healthcare sector," said Hon. Awut Deng Achuil. "Together, we will continue to make strides in improving the health and well-being of all South Sudanese people."


The meeting concluded with a renewed pledge of cooperation and a shared vision for a healthier future for South Sudan.

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