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South Sudan Receives First Consignment of R21 Malaria Vaccine, Boosting Fight Against Deadly Disease

Posted on: 2024-05-31. Maidodo Juma Maidodo - Communication Specialist (MoH/PMU)
South Sudan Receives First Consignment of R21 Malaria Vaccine, Boosting Fight Against Deadly Disease

Juba, South Sudan – May 31, 2024 – The National Ministry of Health received a significant boost in the fight against malaria with the arrival of over 645,000 doses of the first consignment of the R21 Malaria Vaccine. These life-saving vaccines will be distributed to 28 counties across the country with the highest malaria burden.

Appreciation for Collaboration


The Hon. Minister Yolanda Awel Deng Juach, Minister of Health, expressed her sincere appreciation to health partners, the UK government, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for their invaluable contribution in securing these vaccines. Minister Yolanda highlighted the importance of collaboration in tackling public health challenges and saving lives.


Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Campaign


His Excellency Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, Vice President for Services Cluster, addressed the nation, drawing inspiration from the successful campaign against COVID-19. He emphasized the crucial role mass vaccination and health awareness played in safeguarding the population during the pandemic.


Call to Action: Promoting Vaccination and Awareness


Building on the success of the COVID-19 campaign, H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi called upon all Government agencies to actively engage in promoting access to the malaria vaccine for the people of South Sudan. He urged them to utilize their communication channels to inform communities about the benefits of vaccination and encourage widespread participation in the program.




Combating Disinformation and Raising Awareness


The Vice President further emphasized the importance of combating misinformation surrounding the vaccine. He urged the media and civil society organizations to join hands with the Ministry of Health to raise public awareness about the safety and effectiveness of the R21 Malaria Vaccine.

This collaborative effort will be crucial in ensuring the success of the vaccination program and protecting South Sudanese communities from malaria, a leading cause of illness and death in the country.


Next Steps


The Ministry of Health is currently finalizing the distribution plan for the vaccine. In the coming weeks, detailed information will be released regarding the targeted counties, vaccination sites, and eligibility criteria. The Ministry encourages all citizens to stay informed through official channels, including local media outlets and Ministry of Health announcements.


Working Together for a Healthier South Sudan


The arrival of the R21 Malaria Vaccine marks a significant step forward in the fight against this preventable disease. By working together – government agencies, healthcare partners, media, civil society, and the public – we can reduce the burden of malaria in South Sudan and create a healthier future for all.


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